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The procedures to immigrate and work in the United States can be lengthy and complex.

At Certified Immigration Services (CIS), we offer experience, knowledge, and precision in the preparation of petitions and required forms to help you achieve your immigration objectives in this country. 

At CIS we specialize in H-1B1 visas for Chile and Singapore, H-1B, TN visa for citizens of Mexico and Canada, E-2 for investors, and EB2/EB3 for permanent residence.

Contact us today through our social platforms, our website, or our phone number (385) 420-2257


Come to the United States with CIS!


As a family, we are very grateful for the work done by Dr. Teresa Vazquez, who has been in charge of our immigration process and who made it possible for us to be in the United States today living legally, happily and calmly.


We 100% recommend her work. She is concerned at all times about the progress of the process and she always provides the information clearly.


She really did an exceptional job with our case and her knowledge management and experience in this area is evident.


Fam Bello - Chile

“My experience obtaining the student visa was incredible. At all times I received the best assistance from the group that works with Teresa. I followed to the letter all the indicated steps.


In addition, the training carried out just before the interview at the embassy (Santiago de Chile)

It was extraordinary, since it allowed me to pass said interview without any problem.


I am now with my family in Los Angeles, USA and I am very happy to be living this new stage in my life. Thank you very much!!!"


Fam Romero - Chile

My name is Marcela Duran,

I am Chilean, and I have lived with my son for almost 3 months in Miami FL, and everything is thanks to Teresa Vázquez.


From the first time we met, in February of this year (2022), she showed us solutions and can you imagine?, we had scheduled this trip for the end of this year and she and her team moved and made all the necessary arrangements so that in May we were giving the interview at the US Embassy in Chile, with her help, our visas were approved immediately and in June we were already here, and not only that, once in the US, she put us in touch with people who continued to guide and help us to be able to locate ourselves.

I’m immensely grateful.


Marcela D  - Chile

I am Jose Luis from Santiago, and I want to thank Teresa for her efficient, professional, and impeccable work.


Teresa has great experience in helping to obtain a visa to work in the US, she is clear about it and in my opinion, she is the best.

I met her through a friend who has a friend who did a live presentation on Instagram. Teresa was there explaining the process to obtain a visa, and when listening to her, could tell that she has a lot of experience, and she gave me confidence.

Her attention is professional, direct and fast, I am still surprised and happy for what has been achieved in such a short time with her services.

I have no more words to explain my experience, just to tell you that Teresa did very well.

I do recommend her. Contact her if you really want to go to the US to live and work.

Jose L - Chile

My wife was diagnosed with an eye disease in Chile

Fortunately we contacted Dr. Teresa Vazquez who informed us about a special visa that would allow us to come live and work legally in the USA.

 We achieved what at one time seemed impossible, arriving with an employment contract and starting treatment for my wife to recover her vision.

Today we are living in Utah legally and very happy that we came.

Teresa was very professional, and committed to our case.


Her help has been invaluable.


Fam Jimenez - Chile

We decided to process the H1B1 visa with Teresa after the first Zoom appointment. Teresa was super convincing and professional.

From the moment we had the appointment by Zoom, until my visa was approved, only 2 months passed!


The whole process was super expeditious and fast.

In addition, the staff are very friendly and are always on WhatsApp to answer any questions and help you at any time.


Thank you very much for everything!


100% recommended!


Beatriz S - Chile

Contact us 


3300 N Triumph Blvd Ste #100

Lehi, UT 84043



(385) 420-2257


Gracias por enviar!

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